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Microlink Mastery - TOTAL CLASS COST $1,250, DEPOSIT $300

Dive deep into the art of Microlinks with our comprehensive Microlink Mastery class. Learn everything from installation to maintenance, ensuring your clients receive flawless, long-lasting results.


​Hands on training includes 3-Methods:

  • Single Weft Method

  • Double weft Method

  • I-Tip Method

  • Microlink Maintenance & Removal Methods


What You'll Learn:

  • Fundamentals of Luxury Extensions
  • Advanced installation techniques
  • Client consultation and hair health assessment
  • Maintenance and aftercare tips
  • Why use quality hair 


You will also receive: 

  • Microlink Starter Kit

  • AutumnArie Collection Practice Hair Bundle

  • Mannequin & Stand

  • Training Manual

  • ESBA Tote Bag

  • Membership in ESBA Wholesale Hair Club

  • Marketing & Branding 101

  • How to Start A Business 101

  • Certificate of Completion


Duration: 4-Hour Intensive Workshop
Cost: $1250

Exquisite Microlink Class - $1,250 Total ($300 Deposit)

  • Each class lasts 5 hours, from 1pm to 6pm, with a maximum of 2-5 participants to ensure a personalized learning experience. Please arrive at least 10 minutes early for building access. Masks are required for the duration of the class, and temperatures will be checked upon arrival. Everything you need for the class, including a pen for notes, will be provided. Just bring yourself and be ready to learn!

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