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Get styled - exquisitely! Check out our work and let the pictures do all the talking.

Get a flawless silky look, no matter the season. Natural hair client shown after Amino Acid treatment, trim and silk press. Book the Exquisite Silk Press today. The Amino Acid Treatment is a one-Step Smoothing Foam is based on new technology that strengthens, repairs, and smooths the hair using naturally derived ingredients.  By using a blend of enriched amino acids in conjunction with heat the hair is temporarily elongated (smooth) without use of harsh chemicals, formaldehyde or alkaline ingredients. Ideal for natural textures seeking the versatility of straight looks as well as relaxed textures seeking to fight reversion and frizz. Lasts for up to 20 shampoos.

Microlinks hair extensions pulled up in high bun. Braidless sewin for a 100% natural looking weave. Client is shown with a combo of double weft and single weft Microlink methods. A red color was added to Exquisite Extensions 100% virgin Indian human hair. Book Microlinks today.

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