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  • How long do Exquisite Microlinks last?
    Microlinks can last up to 3 months with proper care and maintenance.
  • What is the difference between double weft and single weft?
    Double weft is when the microbeads are added to the hair first and 2 wefts (doble weft or 2 tracks) are sewn together using thread on top of the beads. This method allows for maximum fullness as well as the option to add up to 3 – 3.5 bundles of hair to the head. Single weft is when a single weft or track is added to the hair using the hair extensions and microbeads only. The method is best for women with fine hair and allows the option of 1-2 bundles of hair to the head.
  • What is the difference between Microlinks and I-Tips?
    Both are (Microlinks) however, double weft is the weft microlink method sewn down over microbeads using thread and I-Tips are strand by strand Microlinks. With the I-Tip method each extension strand is attached to a section of the natural hair and secured with a microbead using no thread. They are all Microlinks or hair extension methods – Single weft, Double weft and I-Tips. All methods are different, yet all offer versatility for different style options.
  • Is there a certain hair texture that Exquisite Microlinks are better suited for?
    Microlinks are great for all hair textures. I recommend booking the Microlinks Consultation to determine for texture matching and determining the proper Microlink method depending on the desired look.
  • Are Exquisite Microlinks ok for women with thin hair?
    Yes, Microlinks are ok for women with fine / thin har. I recommend booking the Microlinks Consultation to determine which method is best for your hair texture.
  • Is there a required hair length for Exquisite Microlinks?
    Yes. Your hair needs to be at least 5 inches long or long enough to cover the beads or weft. If your hair is shorter than 5 inches, you may not have the same versatility as someone with longer hair.
  • My hair is natural, do I need to relax my hair first?"
    No, you do not have to have relaxed hair to get Microlinks. With natural hair, hair care and maintenance are important before installation.
  • Do Microlinks strip the hair?
    No, Microlinks are a healthy hair extension method, but you must be gentle at home. Also, I recommend regular maintenance appointments to ensure your hair is not compromised.
  • Can Microlinks be uncomfortable?
    Microlinks should not be tight, however you may feel them for the first 2-3 days.
  • Can the same weft be taken out and reused for a new install?
    Yes, you can reuse the hair. The quality of the hair will determine if you should reuse the hair or get new hair for your next install. I recommend purchasing high quality hair, and I off the Exquisite Extensions 100% virgin human hair. We can discuss purchasing this hair during your Microlink Consultation.
  • Which method will allow me to wear a middle, side part and high ponytail?"
    All methods have the versatility to do all 3 depending on the length of your hair.
  • Can you color the hair extensions prior to installation?
    Yes, you can color match hair extensions to match the color of your hair prior to installation. Please add Custom Color as an add-on when you book your Exquisite Microlinks. Also, we can discuss the desired color and/or matching during your Microlink Consultation.
  • What Microlink method is best for fullness?
    For max fullness the ideal method is double weft.
  • Can I still get Microlinks even if I don’t have any edges?
    Yes, you can. Please book the Microlink consultation so we can determine the next style options.
  • How can I make my hair blend with the hair extensions after the humidity hits my natural hair?
    Keep your hair tied down when encountering humidity, water, steam, workout, etc. to avoid pressing your hair every day.
  • How often should I come back for Microlink maintenance?
    Book every 4-6 weeks for maintenance (tightening).
  • How should I tie my hair when I go to sleep with Microlinks?
    Invest in a big silk / satin scarf. Put your hair in a low ponytail, put on your scarf and then drag off the ponytail holder. You can put a bonnet on after or just let your hair hang. The goal here is to keep your natural hair as flat as possible to avoid putting heat on it every day.
  • Can I wash my hair at home?
    Yes, you can wash your hair at home. Watch my video on home care, products and maintenance.
  • Can I take my Microlinks out myself at home?
    No. To remove Microlinks please schedule a removal appointment to make sure your natural hair is not comprised. You can book your removal appointment at the same time you book your install appointment. Schedule the removal 10-weeks after install appointment for I-Tips, and 12-weeks for the Double and Single Weft methods.
  • Can I swim with Microlinks?
    Yes, you can swim. Keep in mind that your natural hair will revert to its natural texture, so extension texture matching would be ideal for water sports.
  • How do I book an appointment?
    Click here to book an appointment and follow these steps: Find your appointment category and choose your service. Click the "Set Your Time Zone" button. After setting your time zone, the scheduling calendar will appear. Choose an open appointment date and time and click continue. Complete form with all required information. Click payment option button. Please note, clients will be required to enter a credit card at the time of booking. Some services require a deposit at the time of booking. Recieve a confirmation page. and book. Due to each service being given an estimated allotted time, please be sure to book the correct appointment at the time of scheduling. I will not be able to accommodate any changes the day of your appointment. If you desire to add-on any additional services or have questions, please text me prior to scheduling your appointment.
  • What is your cancellation policy? Are deposits refundable?
    For customers booking services (paid in advanced), all appointments must be canceled at least 24 hours in advance to receive full refund for your service. If canceled less than 24 hours, 50% of your service will be refunded. NO CALL/NO SHOW will resort in no refund and forfeiting your chances to book in the future. If more than 15 minutes late your appointment could be canceled or service time could be reduced. Microlink, Flawless Sew-ins and other services require a deposit to book. ALL DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.
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